Monday, 7 May 2018

No time for adventure

Well thats how I felt, but it was all self induced and created after buying a second van! But more on that at a slightly later date. I have been working flat out converting the new van, and really enjoyed the process, but because that project is going well I thought I would allow myself to get out and have some fun.

And boy was it fun! So I tagged on with the family Monckton and met them in Aviemore. I'd brought the bike and harness, and as it looked grey and windy in the morning we went to the Laggan Wolftrax trail centre which I'd always wanted to look at but not got around to.

The first adventure was surviving these trails... Loz wearing his climbing helmet to bike, and not having much use of his gears, and poor Gemma on her trusty (old) heavy penny farthing. It was fun, and we ripped up the red and green trails in the sunshine.

flowing trails at Laggan
We had lunch after this and weren't sure what to do next.... so we went swimming at Pattack Falls nearby. Now those who know me well know that although I'm a reasonable swimmer I'm scared of swimming in the sea, lakes, streams, basically any water were you can't see the monsters below. I genuinely think my fear comes from watching Jaws as a young kid, but basically I'm not good in open water....

and strange folk!
But I was determined to start to overcome this fear so I said I was game! The air temp was probably 15 degree's, but the water was baltic. But I was 'very brave' and swam 3 times, including jumping in! It was fun but very cold...

checking it out...
We all felt very strange after it, particularly me and Loz, walking strangely, feeling high and spaced out and not being able to talk properly, feeling our toes, and me thinking I was a stereotypical 'red indian' from the American West (I'm not joking). In retrospect I think I had mild hypothermia for sure!

splash... I'm in!
So we were nearly recovered from this and we thought 'what shall we do now?'.....

Well being spaced out and on a natural post hypothermic high it made total sense to rock climb of course as we would be passing Craig Dubh on our drive back to Aviemore.

here comes trouble
So we climbed Tree Hee, a great 2 pitch HS in our slightly unusual trance like states. It was a nice climb, but with very spaced gear for the grade. I think it did us some good as we all felt back to normal after it!

What a fantastic Highland adventure day, mt biking, swimming and climbing! Never done all of that together on the same day before!

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