Monday, 23 April 2018

It's spring apparently...

After a great week in the Alps I have hung up my ski's and axes! People are still skiing some slopes in Scotland with a fair bit of hiking but I'm ready for a season and activity change!

Busy carpark..

So it was time to have a weekend away and look for some rock in the far NW of Scotland. With a good forecast for Saturday we headed to Sheigra North of Scourie in bluey the van..

starting one of the HVSs
What a great spot as you drive towards the macair and beach and park on the grass 50 m from the sea. I short walk takes you to the impressive cliffs and we climbed at Geo 2 on amazingly rough and textured gneiss... hmm tasty.

Loz on the hardest route of the day - Shark Crack Hard Severe!
We did a couple of VS's to warm up before climbing an amazing steep but juggy HVS and E1 (Juglust and Juggernaut)- wow what amazing climbs. After these 4 routes at 3pm we went back to the van for lunch and cups of tea.

abseil into this route..
Round 2 saw us abseiling in on the far side of the cave and climbing more great routes including Dark Angel, a brilliant E1 (I did the HVS finish though!), Fingers another great steep E1, and the hardest route of the day..... Shark Crack which is graded HS 4b, but harder than all of the E1s we climbed today!

sea views from camp
We finished climbing around 8pm and retired to the van for beers, food, sea views and whisky. A fantastic day out.

I'm not scared.... 
We were hoping that Sunday didn't deliver the rain that it forecast, but it did! But even though we were a little disappointed at no more climbing I think that Saturday was so good that really it didn't matter. Can't wait to return here and try some of the E1s and E2s on the main headwall (me thinks from the sofa) ;-).

Brekky on Sunday (+ rain)

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