Sunday, 27 May 2018

Mount Keen

With a week off in the Highlands there were many possible options but the weather dictated that we head as far East into Aberdeenshire as possible to get good weather while the rest of Scotland had rain.

Captain Ball reporting in

thar she blows (Mount Keen)
After a little research we settled on Mount Keen near Aboyne/Ballater. The drive over is long but scenic and we arrived in good time and glorious sunshine at Glen Tanar. The Glen is beautiful and we mt biked up the long scenic glen, initially through native Caledonian pine forest by the river before it breaks out into more open country.

Time to walk

busy with walking groups!
Using the bikes made the long approach a breeze and we soon zipped past the 'half way house' wooden shelter. At the end of the glen past the flowering gorse we nearly cycled over a basking adder on the trail before leaving the bikes at a bridge over the river. We then lunched before setting off on foot up Mount Keen, Scotland's most easterly munro.

The final 2-3 mile walk is pretty easy on good but sadly heavily eroded paths. The views from the top to the caringorms and Lochnagar are great. The breeze chilled the body so we didn't hang around and headed back to the bikes and valley heat where we cooled off our feet in the river.

Mount Doom (keen)

Abi zipping along
The ride back to the van was a joy, all down hill :-) ... We passed a big walking group who were pretty hot and bothered and I was so glad of the bike.

Glen Tanar

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