Thursday, 8 December 2016

Torridon Magic.....

Good weather coincided with a few days off work, so with the great forecast I decided to head over to Torridon. An early start and -5 morning (again -  becoming the norm!)saw me heading 'way out west'.

Nice start to the day!

Yes I know I don't need to carry an ice axe!
I'd decided to go up Beinn Alligin (mountain of beauty in Gaelic) and started walking about 8.30am as the sun was rising above the mountains. It's a pretty dramatic spot, the sandstone Torridon hills having a very distinctive and dramatic shape.

The route ahead...

Looking Skye way (west-ish)
I knew that there wouldn't be much snow, but with the low temperatures wondered if the route would be a 'wee' bit icy on the rocks as I got the impression there was a fair bit of easy scrambling over the 'horns'. Luckily it wasn't.

The route ahead from the first top

I was the only person on Beinn Alligin, and it was a superb day. It was cold, but sunny, with magical views in all directions including North to Gairloch (and beyond), and out west to Skye and beyond.

Big gash

The horns, and the intriguing Corbet behind
The walk just got better and better, after the dramatic second munro on the route. I really enjoyed the easy scrambling over the 'horns'. I was torn between wanting to savour the view and situation, and wanting to continue to see what was next.

Looking back at the 2 munro tops

Didn't want to leave this spot
All too quickly I was descending off the horns back into the valley far below. I was very intrigued by a hill just ?North of it that also looked very dramatic, a Corbet called Beinn Deargh I believe. I toyed with going for this too, but in the end knowing if I did I would be descending this hill in the dark decided against the idea.

Beinn Dearg

Finishing the walk through a small forested area next to a deep cut river was great, especially with the sun shining through the branches.

Looking back at my route
When I got back to the van I moved it down the road a short distance and parked up by the sea/sea loch and made a cup of tea and watched the sun disappear behind the hills.

the road of bones, I mean roots

It was -1 when I got back to the van, and by 5pm -3....... I'd planned to sleep in the van (maiden trip) but when I found that the pub in Torridon was closed (nowhere was open), it was -5 by 5.30pm and a long time until sleep/bed..... the call of my house (with heating) was too great and I headed the 1' 30" home...... I know I wimped out on sleeping in the 'camper van', but it was a great day out in Torridon, one I'll remember for a long time. Again I feel very lucky to be this close to these amazing wild spaces.

Beautiful (but cold!)

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