Thursday, 1 December 2016

Forest love - not literally!

When I drove up to the Highlands for my job interview in the summer I remember being surprised  by the amount of forest from Aviemore heading North. At the time it reminded me of the Canadian West coast and Vancouver Island and still does. Along with everything else like the mountains and sea, this really made the dream of moving up here even more exciting as I love forests! 

exploring the forests at the weekend
So last weekend we went for a walk exploring some of the extensive forest around Strathpeffer and Contin. It was a great wee walk, and the trails looked amazing for mountain biking. So now winter and the darkness is here I decided it is time to charge up the bike lights and hit the trails. 


Messing around with the camera
I only went on a 1-2 hour route and it was great. Mt biking at night is great fun, even if the trails are easy. All went well, but I was quite surprised and a little 'anxious' when I met 2 guys in camo gear, on quad bikes with rifles in the middle of the forest! 

They just burnt past me a couple of times, but it did feel a bit like the film deliverance, and I thought they may see me as their sport (pray!!). Trying to get out of the way I slipped onto a smaller, quieter trail. The bonus of this that they didn't follow me, but when it popped out at a scary boat house on a black loch jeez the hairs on the back of my neck definitely moved!! The cabin was very spooky so I decided to call it a day and headed back to the van!

The spooky boat house (I daren't go in!)

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