Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A big fan of the Fannaichs

A few days off work meant that I could explore some of the new areas close to home in the Highlands. With a reasonable forecast for the morning, but a suggestion of high winds and ?heavy precipitation after lunch I decided to nip up a hill in the Fannaichs.

Looking back to the frosty valley

Looking west to Beinn Dearg way
It was another -5 start when I got up, a pain to defrost the van, but very beautiful hoar frost on all of the trees that I saw driving North. I picked Am Faochagach as it would be quite a quick hill so I should be able to get up and down before the predicted bad weather.

The only concern was the mandatory river crossing near the start. The web suggests it can be problematic, and uncrossable is spate. I knew the water level was pretty low due to the dry weather we have had, but did wonder how big a river this was!

The top! Very rounded munro (like the Howgills)
I set off early from the top of Loch Glascarnoch towards the 'big river crossing'. My plan was simple, an extra pair of trainers and socks that I would use to ford the river and leave for the return trip. It worked a treat and the river was only about 12-18" deep. I quickly paddled and was pleased with my plan, as it meant I didn't have wet boots for the remainder of the morning.

Looking South at the murk 
The walk was very pleasant, fairly gentle going, good views of the other local hills and deer on the horizon. One other walker was on the same route behind me, and I wished that they weren't wearing all black clothing as I could of got some good photo's with them in the landscape.

Chasing down the 'walker' - she was fast
Towards the top I could see the weather rolling in from the SW - West and it started to rain as I got to the top. As rain could quite quickly make the river crossing at the start problematic I didn't hang around on top and quickly donned waterproofs and turned around.

In the end the weather didn't amount to much so I stopped lower down and took in the views and hills, thinking how lucky I am that this is now home. The other walker overtook me on her way down and we had a quick chat. She was on a mission only having less than 50 munro's left. I let her get ahead as she was now wearing her waterproofs, some colour for pictures!

Nearly back at the river crossing
I caught her lower down and we finished the walk together having a great chat. A great half day's adventure.

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  1. By the way this hills is not in the the Fannaichs its in what is regards as the Beinn Dearg range! ;o)