Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Whats in a picture?

Everything, and nothing!

On Sunday we went to explore Alladale in the far North. This is an amazing place, area and estate. It's quite well known because the Laird, Paul Lister wants to reintroduce bears and wolves. I love the idea of this and re-wilding but can't see it happening in my lifetime due to the complications of the idea... but I would love to be proved wrong on this.

here comes the weather
It was bitterly cold and snow was forecast throughout the day. It also felt very remote as we drove down the lightly snow covered dead end road to the parking. Setting off it was simply joyous riding through silky fresh snow as the views of the mountains drifted in and out.

Because the weather was pretty harsh we just explored valley tracks on the estate but wow what a place. After a few hours the snow became quite heavy and we headed back to the van with out tracks now covered by fresh snow. It would have been good to have a fat bike in all of this snow.

love this picture
Whats in a picture...? Well on the way back when the snow was at its heaviest I quickly took out my camera and took this picture (above). There was no skill involved, it was just luck how it came out. But I think its the best picture I have ever taken! I love it as it really captures the atmosphere of the day and the activity. It means the world to me, but will mean nothing to many... such is life ;-)

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