Monday, 6 March 2017

Decisions, decisions.....

After working on Saturday I was eagerly looking online to find the best conditions for Sunday.... It looked like West was best with more snow at Nevis Range. Torn between getting up early and heading out west or risking East.. what to do...

old ski toe (still going!)
I ended up having a lie in, getting a leisurely breakfast, nice fresh coffee, helping our neighbours unload some logs... still I couldn't decide. But I left it so late that really my only option was to stick to the East, so I headed to the Cairngorms at 11am, with a promising forecast for after lunch. It was a bit of a gamble as Nevis had been blue skies since 8am, and Cairngorm looked clagged in on the web cams....

on top of Cairngorm 
Arriving at Cairngorm I again changed my plans from touring up Lurchers Gully (looked lean to get to it/a walk) to getting a half day piste ticket. The gamble payed off, blue skies all afternoon, virtually no wind, and dreamy fresh snow - well for Scotland ;-).

Love this, freshly groomed, empty, closed piste
Fantastic skiing, some fresh over a reasonable base, with lots of fresh snow on the side country at the top ptarmigan bowl. Just fantastic.

Which way?!
I had my skins and touring kit in my pack, but the skiing was so much fun I just kept lapping the pistes. It was pretty quiet too. I timed it so that when the lifts closed at 4.30pm I was high on the mt so I then skinned up to the top of Cairngorm, with only a couple of climbers up there finishing their day's climb. It was serene the area starting to quieten down.

Need to pick my way down now..
I had a quick spin off the back of the mountain finding a powder field before reluctantly turning for home, heading back to the top of the resort and hitting the empty freshly pisted runs as the sun went down. A magical day I didn't want to ever end.

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