Wednesday, 19 October 2016

French visit to the Highlands!

Kev drove all the way to the Highlands from Frances Massif Central. Admittedly he was doing other stuff in the UK, and visiting other people too, but boy what a long drive! I caught him in the Peak District last weekend and climbed at Stanage. This was lush, and I really miss the gritstone....

Climbers on quietus - Stanage

Kev feeling the nar...

Rain stops play!
But other than gritstone the Highlands has sooo much to offer, with the friendly welcoming people, the weather, snow, sea and coastline, the mountains, the massive wild tracts of land to name but a few things. Its a  heavy price to pay, but worth it for now at least ;-) (hope my Scottish friends don't see this)!

Abi can't wait (for Kev haha)

Beautiful Cairngorms

So having lured Kev nearly to the top of the UK it was good to have a good forecast for the Sunday after a particularly dreich Saturday. We decided to mt bike in the Cairngorms, and headed down after a night on the finest french Fitou!

There's so much good mt biking in the Cairngorms and it was hard to pick a route, but with half a day to play with we headed from Bothy Bikes, through the forest to Coylumbridge, then headed due South on a great track that breaks free of the forest and after numerous river crossing and miles gets you to the spectacular Loch Einich.

Made it!

Check out the waves!
I love Loch Einich, surrounded by steep brooding hills. Today was quite breezy at the Loch, in fact I'd never seen such big 'breakers' on the loch (looked like the sea) as we sheltered behind a rock to have lunch, before the wind assisted return to the sanctuary of the beautiful Rothimurchas forest.

time to escape!

Abi makes a strong entry

A return via loch an Eilein topped it off, and I think we all agreed it was a great day. Sadly Kev had to start the migration back to France, as Abi and I headed to Glen Feshie to the Potting Shed for tea and cakes (after getting lost). A great day, with great company.

I make a wet entry!

Bye for now Kev, bon voyage...

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