Friday, 28 October 2016

Autumn colours in Glen Feshie

Christine's visit coincided with amazing weather and the peak of the Autumn colours here in the Highlands. Ordinarily we may have tried to persuade our 'visitor' on a more ambitious walk up a mountain, but Christine insisted on a more relaxed itinerary with plenty of cafe stops for cake, coffee and soup infinitum (I'm not complaining!).

We headed to the Cairngorms, firstly stopping for coffee and cake (of course), before going to the Glen Feshie Sculpture trail. The trail passes by many thought provoking sculptures created by Frank Bruce and it is amazing. Its set in a great forested landscape bordered by the beautiful Feshie river. 

Its claimed that Frank Bruce is one of Scotlands greatest sculptors. And that there is little in his early life to suggest he would become an artist, being born to a fisherman in a small village near Fraserburgh and leaving school at 13 to work in a sawmill. But he was clearly determined, overcoming his dyslexia, education himself and when not working at one of his numerous manual jobs he spent a lot of his spare time developing his skills with wood and a chisel. 

Frank refused to engage with the commercial world, and appreciated the relatively brief life span of his wooden works which will quickly return to the earth from which they came. 

After taking in the trees, woodland, river and sculptures we explored the forest and soaked in the Autumn colours and beauty of the landscape. I would highly recommend the Glen Feshie Scupture Park and surrounding woodland, and I guess we have Christine to thank for allowing us the privilege of visiting it.

Now wheres the next cafe.... ;-) 

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