Monday, 5 March 2018

l'éléphant sur les allumettes

Well.... 'The storms roll in, and the storms roll out, be merry my friend, be merry...'.

I had no real plans this weekend, but the mountain weather forecast looked pants but there was plenty of snow around and I've always wanted to try xc skiing so headed to Glenmore forest on Saturday, got some planks from the Pine Marten and hit the forest.

Day 1
Such fun immediately! I just loved zooming (well maybe crawling) around the forest following the 'groomed' (term used very loosely here!) xc track around the Loch Morlich area. I did however feel like an elephant on match sticks...

coffee break
I enjoyed it so much that I extended the hire for 2 days and went back on Sunday too. On Sunday the mountain was closed (snow gates shut) so I had to park up short of the tracks and just headed into the forest exploring the tracks on both sides of the road. Brilliant.

Day 2
I also bumped into Jen and Graham too and did an extra loop with them. A great weekend, but the problem is now I need to add more outdoor gear to the list!

Fat biker enjoying the snow

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