Monday, 6 November 2017

Crushing at Fontainebleau

Just back from font... well a week or so ago! I think it has been 2 years since I was last in la forêt of fontainebleau and boy have I missed the place. Like thousands of people I find the forest enchanting and love it. Somehow its just perfect, beautiful birch woodland, sandy paths, thousand upon thousand of boulders everywhere. I've been trying to work it out and I think this was my 9th trip to the forest.

Day 1 lunch!

Isatis (...maybe Sablon)

I headed out with Lana, who had never been to font so was in for a treat. The plan was to meet Dave and Rachael there. Unfortunately Rachael was a no show but Dave stopped off to depart some of his local knowledge enroute to his alpine spiritual retreat.

Chill time

Day 1 - saw us going to Isatis and Sablons, a really great area and we enjoyed lots of climbing and lots of lunch! Sunny weather added to the vibe - bliss.

Lana monkeying around!

Lana and Dave (love this problem which Dave takes me to every trip)

Day 2 - we got maybe 3 problems completed somewhere (?!) before the rain, and then it was a question of another big lunch followed a stroll around font itself and an exploration of the forest whilst awaiting the rain to stop... which it didn't.

Dodging the rain

Lunch day 2
Day 3 - we headed to Cul de Chien in magical crisp but sunny weather. It was busy as expected on the sands and around the famous roof problem/main area. In fact there was a car crash, but luckily no one was hurt.. Heading further east it was really quiet, and we found some lovely secluded sunny boulders. The grades seemed a bit stiff here though. I wandered further into the forest and found loads of red graded problems that looked neglected/not particularly climbed much (so much potential).

cul du chien

car crash!
After yet another fika break and quick 'rest' we hopped across to the 91.1 area for the last few hours. Wow! I was very impressed with this area, lots of highball boulders, and I can't quite put my finger on why it was great and different to cul de chien but it was.. The last rays of light disappeared as we headed out of the forest back to the car after a really great font day.

5b at 91.1

Day 4 - We only had the morning before our flight back so quickly went to Bois Rond. I like this place and it was nice to be here on a sunny morning as the light flicked in and out between the branches. I'd really wanted to end the trip with a font 6a, but all I could muster was a 5b (!). After a few problems and some meditation we headed back, dropped off the hired pads and headed for CDG.

A fantastic trip with lots of pizza and figs (main dietary intake), great problems and mediocre company ;-) HA!

So I'm now back in the far North and I've started my font 2018 training regime. Will 2018 be the year of 6s at font (who really cares!). :-)

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