Monday, 23 October 2017

Whats best, East or West...?!

I've managed to get a few good days climbing in over the last couple of weeks. A week or so ago I went back to Latheronwheel on the East coast between Helmsdale and Wick. It's a great spot with fairly friendly sea cliff's to climb.

Gives an idea of Latheronwheel
The routes are fairly compact, no bigger than 18-20m, and generally you abseil onto non-tidal platforms to start from. Highlights were Guillemot Crack, a great slightly overhanging off width HVS (loads of handholds on the sides of the wide crack luckily), and another HVS (the name escapes me!) which starts in a shed sized cave just above the water line which we had to traverse into.

Great rock at Latheronwheel
Poor Jack had to belay in the cave with a rising tide (the cave does flood out apparently) whilst I climbed out of sight on the wall above! Luckily it all ended well apart from nearly losing a coat that Jack briefly sent for a swim in the sea before fishing it out. There are loads of great routes here, and I've never seen any other climbers here!

Out to sea, the Isles from Ardmair
Then this Saturday just gone I headed to Ardmair near Ullapool with Loz and Jack. It was great to tempt Loz out from 'house work' for a climb (he's near the end of a house build).

Acrimonious Acrobat a stunning E1 at Ardmair

On one of the few VS's

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