Friday, 1 September 2017

The first day of Autumn brings sunshine

With a day off and great weather forecast I headed to the Cairngorms to take my bike for a walk. I've been saving this particular hill for a few years as I wanted to ride it on my mt bike in good weather.

Today it came together. I had an entertaining drive down, picking up an interesting hitchhiker en-route. He informed me that he was heading to Edinburgh to sow his seeds! Well I dropped in at Aviemore and wished him well on that quest!

While I'm here I'll just nip up this one too
Parking at the end of the road down Glen Feshie it was fairly midgy getting sorted to start, sunny and not a breath of wind. The initial trails heading South tracking the river are just fantastic fun to ride.

Mellow sections of the track

It wasn't long before I got to the junction and swung a left starting the climb up the landrover track that would eventually lead to the munro Mullach Clach A' Bhlair.

The summit
There was a fair amount of pushing up the track but it was worth it with amazing views. I probably rode 50% of the track. I got distracted part way up with another lush looking single track that went up  a separate lower peak so detoured to this.

The top was very flat as expected with great 360 degree views.... What goes up must come down and the descent was a blast dropping about 2000 feet in one go on a loose track - wow, I nearly boiled my brakes and they were glowing when I got back down to the strath (valley).

I had a quick paddle in the river before blasting the single track back to the van, a very satisfying ride, definitely worth doing on a mt bike.

Cool off!

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