Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Winter wonderland

I'd not winter climbed for a few years, latterly favouring skiing over the suffer fest that winter climbing can be. However maybe its not so bad, I mean sure there's the early start (had to get up at 5.30am on the Sat and Sun!), and the mad walk in trying to ensure you are first on the route. Then there are the heavy rucksacks and wearing rigid heavy boots..... whats not to love....!?

The scenic early drive out west
So with Shaw and Judith heading up to the Highlands it seemed the right time to reacquaint myself with this fine activity! We arranged to meet and climb on the West Face of Aonach Mor. After catching the early climbers gondola we headed into Allt Daim for a look around on Saturday but didn't end up climbing - murky windy weather....

Exploring on Saturday

Where's wally (ptarmigan)? can you spot it?
Going back on Sunday the weather was fantastic, blue skies and the forecast strong winds weren't apparent. Shaw pushed the pace on the walk in, and we were first on Golden Oldy, even though initially we weren't entirely sure that we were on the correct route (guide books a bit vague).

I think Shaw is enjoying himself
Great views

Being caught as we 'lunched'
We soloed the start, then did a couple of pitches, but because it was very easy terrain we moved together on the rest of the 500m route. As the weather was so nice we stopped for lunch just before the top to take in the views and watch the other teams slowly catching us.

Amazing day, maybe winter climbing isn't so bad after all ;-)

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