Saturday, 7 January 2017

Mud fest around Loch Lundie

After another late start we were heading South to Invergarry famed for its location in the Great Glen, and shinty legend James Clark (apparently). The plan was to ride to the scenic Loch Lundie.

Access for all as long as you can get a bike over an 7 foot fence

The ride started off going through a closed campsite (end of season), and after wrestling the bikes over an 7 foot deer fence we were away on muddy track through some beautiful woodland.

Loch Lundie

Heading into sheep country
Abi spotted a fine stag as we continued through more mud and broke out of the forest at the beautiful Loch Lundie. The loch offers fine views, and the track improved as we then transitioned into sheep country. The smell from the sheep was really strong, I'm guessing they were the infamous Cheviot sheep, but not sure.

Nice house, needs a little work

The great glen way
A great spin down alongside the Invervigar Burn spat us back out at the road next to the Bridge of Oich. I didn't have high expectations about the return leg along the great glen way, but this section was brilliant with the days best riding on flowing single track. A great blast on the bike on a grey day in the Highlands.


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