Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Savage Slit....

Well we got really lucky on Monday. Jen was back to her native homeland of the Highlands from the big smoke (Glasvegas) and we planned to meet up and climb but the weather gods initially didn't look favourable with lots of rain and wind around over the weekend.

Nearly there! Check out the great slab
Photo from UKC (just to show the whole route)

Big head, big rack!
Luckily the forecast slightly improved and Monday looked okay so I crossed my fingers and hoped. Our goal was Savage Slit a famous climb in the Cairngorm Northern Corries (Coire an Lochain). It was still quite a gamble with its altitude, North facing aspect (cold!) and the lowish temperature.

Off we go....

Flocs bridging it out
But we were both super psyched to climb it. I've wanted to climb Savage Slit since I first bought a Scottish climbing guide. Even the name just makes you want to go find it do you not think.....?

It was baltic at the carpark, but always is, so we stalled slightly for a cup of tea before putting on every piece of clothing we had and walking in. We didn't need to worry about queues at the crag today as we didn't see another climber all day. On the walk in Jen seemed to think it would be windy and cold in the Corrie after numerous aborted trips in to the corries, in my ignorance I thought it would be warm and sunny!!

Made it - being watched from the far ridge
The wind wasn't hitting the face so we had a perfect climb with just chilly hands and feet. I brought along a 3rd climbing shoe just in case of emergencies (how did that get in my bag!?). The route is fantastic, fairly straightforward but entertaining in a very dramatic setting. Fun also belaying on giant chockstones.

Time for cakes and tea...
Jen got us up the last pitch in good time just as the sun came out. On the plateau it was sunny but cold in the wind so we headed down towards Lurchers and met some really nice people on the way down, Jen spotted a 'cute' outdoor instructor leading a nav group..... but he wasn't really my type (haha) and I much preferred chatting to a fellow OT from the South Coast we spotted.

Food and drinks in Aviemore finished a great Highlands adventure. Now this is what I came for!

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